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If you are planning a business jet trip to Brazil, head to the state of Bahia to find the peace and beauty of Trancoso beaches.

In Brazil’s northeast coast, some 750 miles of Rio de Janeiro, you’ll find a place with spectacular beaches and hidden secrets: Trancoso.

Trancoso is more than just a place, its a feelling. Brazil most hidden gem is located at Porto Seguro, and its the right place for you. If youre looking for a calm breeze and a nice, peaceful atmosphere, you might at least consider it.

The distric that has been discovered by hippies provides a new experience of nearly heaven on earth for it’s visitors.

The Terravista Complex its an enterprise with 4 parts, one of them beign the most beautiful golf course in latin america: The Terravista Golf Course.

The Terravista Golf Couse

Inaugurated in 2004, Terravista is considered as one the most glamorous golf tracks in Latin America. The golf course is full of beautiful views and gorgeous landscapes of the cliffs over the sea.


The 14th hole is one of the world’s most remarkable cliff-top holes. Its green lies at the edge of a 50m (164 ft) cliff, right beside the sea – blending the beach and jungle.

The 14th hole is the signature hole of the course. From the tee box, giant sea turtles can be observed swimming across the ocean as the wind blows through it´s spetacular natural beauty.

Designed by Dan Blankership, the 18-Hole Terravista Golf Course opened in 2004.

  • Terrain: Undulating
  • Length: 7212 yards, Par: 72
  • Pratice Facilities: Driving Range (350 yards), Putting Green, Chipping Green and Practice bunker
  • Club Amenities: BAR CLUB HOUSE, accepts credit cards, Pro Shop, Emporium
  • Rentals: Clubs, trolley and electr o-cart for hire
  • Golf Clinics and classes available with Professional Golf Teacher

The golf course is part of a complex which includes three more enterprises:

  • A resort and the greatest appeal of Terravista: the luxury condominiuns Villavista Golf and Terravista Vilas;
  • The Terravista Airport, a 1.500 meter runway (4.920 ft), full service private airport;
  • And the Teatro Loccitane, a theather that promotes and embraces many cultural events.

The Villavista Golf and Terravista Vilas


With residential plots that face either the sea or the golf course, the two luxury condominiuns offer concierge services and all the necessary comforts and amenities to make life easier for the ones who just want to play golf with no worries apart from the shot to the 14th green.

The Terravist Airport

Avoid delays, overcrowded airport lounges and security threats landing at Terravista Airport! The private airport significantly reduces the travel time between Trancoso and the rest of the world.


We can arrange all the necessary handling for you: flight plans, crew accommodation, fuel, security and catering.

The Teatro Loccitane

The Trancoso most popular theater has done many cultural events. A lot of this events are aiming at a bigger cause: a bigger developement in the region.


An example is the Canto em Trancoso, an event that led students of Trancoso to pursue their dreams and study music in other countries.

If you think thats all, you’re wrong. The Terravista Complex still has a Private Reserve of Natural Heritage, with a total of 362,53 hectares of Atlantic forest in it”s natural and pure form.

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